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Fixed Asset Depreciation Software by Star Software

Fixed Asset Depreciation Software by Star Software

Our Fixed Asset Depreciation software has been designed by C.P.A.’s for use by C.P.A.’s and small to medium sized businesses. We offer both a single client version for entering depreciation for one company and a multiple client version if you have more than one company needing asset depreciation. Each of these versions can be purchased for a single user or for multiple users.

Our depreciation software supports straight-line, MACRS, ACRS, declining balance, double declining balance, sum-of-the-years-digits, declining balance switching to straight-line, amortization, and non-depreciating asset methods.

The fundamental principles were to design Fixed Asset Depreciation software that was very easy to operate, provide for all allowable tax table depreciation methods and many additional specialized depreciation methods, yet remain flexible enough to allow for adjusting depreciation to match prior reported depreciation.

One of the main features of our depreciation software is the actual depreciation of assets. This is done one time for each book and the asset never has to be edited again unless either the business use for a particular year falls below 100% or you dispose of an asset. Any years depreciation schedule is available on demand, therefore, any time consuming "annual recalculations or year closings" are eliminated.  Print prior years depreciation schedules at any time by just entering the year to print.  Our fixed asset depreciation software has been in use by C.P.A.'s and small businesses since 1991.  Our reports have been laid out by accounting professionals to provide all pertinent information in an easy to read, usable format.

Our Asset Information and Depreciation report is one of the most informative reports available and is not available in other fixed asset depreciation software.  Our depreciation software includes the latest tax revisions regarding the Bonus depreciation deductions and new Section 179 limits. You can now select "Round" to have all depreciation amounts rounded to the closest dollar amount.

Support Site Access Registered users
have access to our
support site.

If your asset information can be provided in an acceptable csv or spreadsheet format, we will do the asset setup and depreciation for you. We reserve the right to limit the number of companies we will set up for those purchasing the multiple client version.
We do not charge for this service for our customers.

Fixed Asset Depreciation standard features include :

  • Multiple client version supports over 45,000 clients/companies
  • Up to 999,999 assets per company
  • Provides for GAAP/book, tax, alternative, ACE, and one other depreciation set of books
  • We use all available IRS tables for our tax calculations, not mathematical formulas
  • Includes all ACRS and MACRS methods
  • Includes 30% and 50% bonus depreciation for recently acquired assets
  • Includes luxury automobile and clean-fuel vehicle limits plus bonus depreciation on recently acquired vehicles
  • Includes Section 179 deduction limits
  • Includes straight line, sum-of-the-years-digits, amortization, and non-depreciating assets
  • Includes 150% and 200% declining balance that switches to straight line
  • Includes mid-month, mid-quarter, and half-year MACRS conventions
  • Includes exact days, include 1st month, exclude 1st month, and mid-month calculations for straight line, amortization, and sum-of-the-years-digits methods of depreciation
  • On demand reporting for any year including all prior years schedules and any future years schedule without any additional calculations
  • Track asset serial numbers, the location of the asset, the department or person the asset is assigned to

Some of our unique depreciation software features include :

  • Our depreciation grid allows continual viewing of all years of depreciation for each asset and for each depreciation book instantly
  • Categories are dynamically created as each new category is entered when adding an asset
  • Assets can be grouped by category or location offering greater flexibilty in reporting
  • After depreciating an asset, the depreciation percent or amount can be adjusted for any year, in any book, to change any entry which allows for the exact matching of a clients prior depreciation schedules
  • Business use percent can be adjusted for any year and any book. All years are maintained and are visible on the asset screen for reviewing
  • Supports separate amounts for salvage value, Section 179 deductions, Investment Tax Credit, and old regulation basis adjustments and other adjustments
  • The asset information and depreciation report lists the asset information, all basis adjustments, and the complete yearly depreciation detail for all depreciation books
  • Incorrect depreciation can be easily deleted and the asset depreciated again
  • Our enhanced screen for depreciation guides you to the appropriate conventions and life based on each prior selection
  • Changes in salvage value, section 179, or any other basis adjustment can be made by easily deleting the depreciation for the appropriate book and re-depreciating the asset

Asset entry flexibility :

  Depreciation entry selection methods include :

  • No prior depreciation - normal method of depreciating an asset. This will depreciate the asset for every year of its useful life.  Our recommended method of entry.
  • Partially depreciated asset - used when you are matching a clients old depreciation and you do not need all prior years of detail. A starting prior depreciation amount is entered and then the asset is depreciated for the balance of its useful life
  • Fully depreciated - used when an old asset is entered and you do not need the prior years of detail

  Calculation selection methods :

  • Automatic - the depreciation of an asset is automatically calculated for all years based on the method, convention, and life selected.  This method uses the depreciation tables as provided by the I.R.S.
  • Manual - same as automatic except that each years percent or depreciation amount can be manually overridden during entry.  This allows for an easy adjustment to make your depreciation balance with prior years schedules.

Standard depreciation software reports include :

  • Reports can be printed, previewed on the screen, or exported in either detail or summary, for the current year, any prior year, or any future year simply by entering the year desired
  • Asset information and depreciation provides all detail for any asset
  • Basic asset listing
  • Depreciation can be printed for annual, quarterly, or monthly details
  • Depreciation reports can be either detailed or in summary
  • Disposal of assets report
  • Book value report
  • Basis adjustments report
  • 4562 tax return worksheet
  • Purchased assets report
  • Asset listing report
  • 40% Limitation calculation
  • Client listing
  • All reports are date and time stamped
  • Reports can be exported to either csv text files or Excel®worksheets
  • Reports can be sorted by category or by location and category

Product Support :

  • Free technical support for 1st 12 months
  • Customers receive login and password to our support web site to download updates, IRS forms and publications
  • Free product updates and/or upgrades for any program or tax changes during 1st 12 months
  • Annual maintenance provides free technical support and all product updates and/or upgrades for 1 additional year and must be purchased prior to the expiration of the initial 1 year support period
  • Our staff C.P.A. provides up-to-date review of all tax law changes regarding depreciation
Fixed Asset Depreciation Screens  
Fixed Asset Depreciation Screen - Click for larger image
Software Versions and Prices
Price includes 1st Year of Upgrades and Support
Version Single User 5 Users 10 Users
Multiple Clients $495.00 $1,095.00 $1,625.00
Single Client $375.00 $975.00 $1,495.00
Fixed Asset Depreciation Selection Screen - Click for larger image Select Product then click Add to Cart

Download Fixed Asset Depreciation Demonstration View Fixed Asset Depreciation Demonstration Limitation
Fixed Asset Depreciation Report Screen - Click for larger image
Optional upgrades available thru our support site
Annual Maintenance Renewal
Includes Upgrades and Support
(After Initial First Year)
Additional Users
Single Client Multiple Client
1 Year 2 Years 1 User 2 Users 1 User 2 User
Single User Versions $125.00 $250.00 $125.00 $225.00 $125.00 $225.00
Multiple User Versions $175.00 $350.00

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