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Fixed Asset Depreciation Software by Star Software

Depreciation Software designed especially for C.P.A.'s and small businesses

Star Software Fixed Asset Depreciation provides for Book, Tax, Alternate, ACE, and Other (State) depreciation.
MACRS, ACRS, 150% & 200% Declining Balance, Straight-Line, Sum-of-the-Years-Digits, Vehicles,
Amortization, Units of Production, and Non-Depreciating asset methods are all available.
Assets are depreciated for their entire life allowing printing of past, current, and future schedules on demand.

The fundamental principles were to design Fixed Asset Depreciation software that was very easy to operate, provide for all allowable tax table depreciation methods and many additional specialized depreciation methods, yet remain flexible enough to allow for adjusting depreciation to match prior reported depreciation.

* We have added the ability to import your asset information and optionally have the software automatically depreciate the imported assets. If you have a prior depreciation schedule and want to match the accumulated depreciation for a specific year end, the import will allow importing the accumulated depreciation for each asset and depreciate the asset for the remainder of its useful life. The import allows choosing spreadsheets, csv files, or plain txt files. Read our Import Guidelines for more information.

One of the main features of our depreciation software is the actual depreciation of assets. This is done one time for each book and the asset never has to be edited again unless either the business use for a particular year falls below 100% or you dispose of an asset. Any fiscal year depreciation schedule is available on demand, therefore, any time consuming "annual recalculations or year closings" are eliminated.  Print prior years depreciation schedules at any time by just entering the year to print.  Our fixed asset depreciation software has been in use by C.P.A.s and small businesses since 1991.  The reports have been laid out by accounting professionals to provide all pertinent information in an easy to read, usable format.

The depreciation software includes the latest tax revisions for Vehicle limits, Bonus depreciation percents, and Section 179 limits. You can select "Round" to have all depreciation amounts rounded to the closest dollar amount.

Our Asset Information and Depreciation report is one of the most informative reports available and is not available in other fixed asset depreciation software. 

This is NOT cloud based software.
All data files are stored on your system and under your complete control and security.
Approximately 125 assets using all 5 depreciation books will use about 1 meg. of disk space or
approximately 500 assets using Book & Tax depreciation will use about 2 megs. of disk space.

Fixed Asset Depreciation Demonstration Video
Download Fixed Asset Depreciation Demonstration

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Upgrades / additions available to licensed users
Annual Maintenance is not required to continue to use the software
but is required for support/updates/upgrades after initial 6 months
Annual Maintenance Renewal (Optional)  
Includes Upgrades and Support   Additional Users
  1 Year 2 Years   1 User 2 Users
Single User Versions $125.00 $240.00   $125.00 $225.00
Multiple User Versions $175.00 $325.00      
Upgrade Single Company to Multiple Company $150.00    
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Version Single User 5 Users 10 Users
Multiple Clients/Companies $495.00 $945.00 $1,395.00
Single Client/Company $375.00 $825.00 $1,275.00
One time payment. No monthly, annual, or renewal fees.
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Sample reports in Adobe® pdf format :

Other information in Adobe® pdf format :

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