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Random Sample Generator Software by Star Software

Random Number Generator Software by Star Software

Our Random Sample Generator Software has been designed by C.P.A.’s to simplify random number selections for audit sampling purposes or random drug testing. Our software was created to provide an extremely easy method of obtaining random numbers to be used for audit sample selections from multiple ranges of numbers.

Our multiple range entry makes our Random Number Generator Software stand out from all other random number generators. The sample population can be entered manually or imported from a csv/text data file. Multiple checking accounts with overlapping check numbers can be easily entered. We also feature selecting line numbers from pages of journals where the page number and entries per page are used as the population. The generated random number selections can be exported for use in other programs.

Our advanced version allows for calculating a suggested sample size using sample precision, confidence level, maximum expected error rate, and tolerable error rate.

Try a demonstration of our random sample generator software and see its ease of use and versatility.

Random Sample Generator Program Features :

  • Client name
  • Preparers name
  • Description of sample
  • Date of selections
  • Fiscal Year for selections
  • Generate sample selection sizes up to the size of the entire population
  • Select up to 999,999 samples and up to 999,999 additional samples from a population range of 1 to 999,999,999,999
  • An additional random sample percent or an actual number of additional samples can be entered, allowing for generating additional random samples to be used as substitutions of invalid transactions, such as voided checks.  The additional percent can equal up to 100% of the original number of selections.
  • Import an unlimited number of population selection ranges for generating samples from a csv/text data file
  • Import population with up to five columns for sample selection from a text/csv data file
  • Enter the population as journal pages and items per page
  • Enter multiple checking account ranges with overlapping check numbers by using the account prefix feature
  • Print from 0 to 10 columns for the random sample attribute testing work paper

Our Advanced Version includes the following unique additional feature selections that will calculate a suggested sample size for statistical sampling of your population.

    Sample accuracy that is desired for your specific population test :

  • Sample precision - 1% thru 10%
  • Confidence levels - 99.9%, 99.8%, 99.5%, 99%, 98%, 97.5%, 97%, 96%, 95%, 94%, 93%, 92.5%, 92%, 91%, 90%, 87.5%, 85%, 82.5%, 80%, & 75%

    Margin of Error for your sample :

  • Maximum Expected Error Rate - 1% thru 10%
  • Tolerable Error Rate - 1% thru 10%

The following options are available in both versions once the sample selections have been determined :

  • Print a criteria selection report which lists the sample size, all ranges in the population, the additional sample percent, the Random Samples generated, and the additional sample selections that were generated.  This printout is shown in the order each random number was selected.  See the selection criteria printout below.
  • Print an audit sample selection testing workpaper listing the Random Samples generated in a grid with columns for marking various tests performed on the sample population.  This workpaper can be printed in selection order, sorted in ascending order, or sorted in descending order.  See the selection testing workpaper below.
  • Export the Random Samples and the additional samples that have been generated to either an Excel® spreadsheet or a csv/text data file allowing use of the random samples generatated in another program.
  • Create a pdf file directly from within the software.

Our Random Sample Generator Software has been in use by C.P.A.’s since 1985.

Advanced Version Screen
Random Sample Generator Advanced Screen - Click for larger image
Standard Version Screen
Random Sample Generator Standard Screen - Click for larger image
Version Single
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Standard $99.00 $475.00 $895.00 $1,850.00 $2,475.00

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Download Random Sample Generator Demonstration View Random Sample Generator Demonstration Limitation


Examples of how customers have used our
Random Sample Generator Software :

  • Normal auditing sample selections
  • Anonymous employee selection for drug testing
  • Determining manufacturing product batches to test for quality control
  • Random distribution of pre-designated key sequences for security measures
  • Inventory / asset verification
  • Customer selection for prize awards
  • Many other unique, varied usages
  Net Framework 2.0
Minimum Requirements

 x86 32-bit
   Windows 98, 98 2nd Edition, Me
   Windows 2000 Professional SP4
   Windows XP SP2
   Windows Vista
   Windows 7

   Windows XP x64
   Vista x64
   Windows 7 x64

Sample printouts in Adobe® pdf format : Other information in Adobe® pdf format :
  Selection Criteria Printout   Basic explanation of sampling
  Selection Testing Workpaper   How to determine a sample size

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