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Star Software has been designing software especially for C.P.A.'s and small businesses since 1985.

Our Fixed Asset Depreciation, Random Sample Generator, Loan Amortization, Encrypt Email, Materiality Calculator, and Loan Tracking software have been designed for C.P.A.s and small to medium size businesses.

Fixed Asset Depreciation Software
Our Fixed Asset Depreciation software is one of the most flexible, affordable, complete, fixed asset depreciation software packages possible.  It is extremely easy to use and will allow exporting of all reports to an Excel® spreadsheet or printed to a pdf file for emailing.  Straight line, MACRS, amortization, and all methods of depreciation are supported. We use actual IRS percentage tables for the calculations and these are kept up-to-date with every federal tax change.  Our depreciation software features five (5) depreciation books and is "keyboard friendly" to assist in data entry.  We offer several pricing options to make it affordable for small businesses and C.P.A. firms alike. Select Fixed Asset Depreciation to read more detailed information about our Fixed Asset Depreciation software.

Random Sample Generator Software
Our Random Sample Generator software advanced version is unique in providing for confidence level, precision, expected error rate, and tolerable error rates to provide suggested sample selection sizes. Selection populations or range values can be either entered manually or imported from text/csv data files.  We also accommodate random sample selections from items per page and number of pages.  Generated random samples can be exported to either a csv data file or an Excel® spreadsheet or printed to a pdf file for emailing. Our advanced version allows choosing sampling precision, confidence level, maximum expected error rate, and tolerable error rate. Read more about our Random Sample Generator software by selecting Random Sample Generator.

Loan Tracker Software
Our Loan Tracker software is designed to easily provide a method to track loan payments and interest accruals.  The software will accommodate principal amount increases, balloon amounts, interest rate changes, payment amount changes, tax and insurance amounts, and late fees. Select Loan Tracker to read more about our Loan Tracking software.

Loan Amortization Software
Our Loan Amortization program is an inexpensive, flexible loan calculation software package. It provides for selectable fiscal year ends so your schedule can be printed for any year with subtotals for each year.  Our amortization software will allow for balloon payments and loan payment calculations are based on either 360 or 365 days per year.  It will calculate either the principal, the interest rate, the number of payments, the payment amount, or a final balloon amount. Select Loan Amortization to read more about our Loan Amortization software.

Encrypt Email Software
Our Encrypt Email software use AES Encryption to provide an easy method of sending secure emails and attachments or other confidential client information. Select Encrypt Email to read more about our Email Encryption software.

Materiality Calculator Software
Our Materiality Calculator software was designed to provide an easy method of determining the materiality amount that will be considered suitable for planning audits. Select Materiality Calculator to read more about our Materiality Calculator software.

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